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Easter Eggers

I keep getting asked if my Easter Eggers are Americaunas. While Americaunas do lay blue eggs, they are not just basically an Easter Egger. Americauna does fall into the catagory of Easter Eggers, but not all Easter Eggers are an Americauna.

So then what is an Easter Egger?

An Easter Egger is basically a mixed breed chicken that lays a colored egg. Usually blue to green/olive colored. I have chosen to raise Easter Eggers as its fun to have different colored eggs and people seem to want the blue/green eggs in their fridge.

My Easter Eggers also have the posibility to have frizzle feathers. Frizzle Easter Eggers are no different than regular Easter Eggers except their feathers are frizzled (curls up). This is just resulted from the mixed breed mix. I have frizzled feathered roosters over smooth feathered hens. Ultimatly 50% of the chicks will be frizzle.

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