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Icelandics are a landrace breed that originates from Iceland back to the tenth century. In Iceland they are refered to as Íslenska landnámshænan which means “Icelandic chicken of the settlers". They lay a medium to large white to off white egg. Very prolific egg layers that may start laying as early as 4-6 months of age. 

Icelandics are a smaller breed of chicken with cocks reaching only 4½ to 5¼ pounds as an adult and hens, 3 to 3½ pounds. They can have any type of feather paturn. Their comb type is straight, rose, pea or a combination of those. 

A true Icelandic will not have feathered leg, muffs or beards, nor ear tufts. They will not have any red on their face patches, they will be white or lemon yellow. 

Our Icelandics originate from David Grote in Northern WI. 

Icelandic Hen
Icelandic chicks
Icelandic hen (mottled pattern)
Icelandic Rooster
Icelandic Hen
Icelandic Rooster
Icelandic hen
Icelandic Rooster & Hen
Group of Icelandics roosting for the night


Hatching Eggs: 12+ eggs are $40; 6+ are $25***

Chicks: start at $6/each - will add $1/each after 2 weeks old (pick up only)

Pullets: 8+ weeks when available start at $14/each (pick up only)

Laying hens: when available start at $20/each (pick up only)

Roosters: Starts at $5 when available

***shipping is $20 for 12+ eggs and $15 for 6+ eggs

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