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Who We Are


At FLAPS Farms LLC, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. 

FLAPS Farms LLC is located in Junction City, WI and was formed in March 2020 but started in 2016 with rabbits after Abbee's mom passed away. It was her way of keeping busy. We soon added chickens to the mix but rabbits slowly faded as they weren't exactly what Abbee intended. It took a few more years for Abbee to convince Scott to get goats and that is where the craziness really started.

Abbee was told she could have 2...she came home with 3. Those 3 turned into 6 later that spring and we keep growing. We currently have 4 does and 2 bucks with another doe joining us soon.

We are a family that needs to keep busy so we turned our little hobby farm into a business; making soap out of the goats milk and breeding chicks. 

Never know where our journey will take us but looking forward to enjoying the ride!


From the Source

I absolutely love the soaps! I use the charcoal soap on my face every few days; not sure how often it can be used because of the charcoal. There's a bar of soap in both my bathrooms and in the kitchen. I love the coffee soap, especially after doing yard work. I just feel so clean after using the any of the soaps, compared to using liquid soap from the store, and it has really helped my dry skin.

Rayanna D.

I like the simplicity of the ingredients, it's locally made and there's creatively paired scents to choose from.

Kim P

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